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Accounting and Business Support Services in Mumbai

Accounting Services in Mumbai with Business Support

Outsourced Accounting Services is one of the largest growing services. It is very difficult for the businesses to keep up the finances along with focusing on managing the Company. For Companies/Businesses especially Start-up’s accounting and taxation can be tedious and complicated task. This is mainly due to the reason that entrepreneurs are not enough aware about the applicable laws and compliances to them. Accounts Outsourcing helps in smoothening the accounting processes and also ensures availability of accurate and timely information i.e., financial information.

Few Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting and Book Keeping Services in Mumbai:

Our Firms Role:

Our Firms Role:

Our Firm Anam Shaikh & Associates is recognised as mostly preferred for Accounting Outsourcing services in Mumbai. Our Team of experts includes trained professional who maintain Accounts/Records/Book Keeping through Tally packages, Zoho Books, Quick Books, and other Tailor-made Software’s. In addition, with maintenance of accounting records, they also do Bank Reconciliation, Creditors / Debtors Reconciliation & Final Accounts preparation.

Outsourced Accounting or Bookkeeping Services in Mumbai matters including creation of Accounting System in a new / existing organization following Computerized and or Manual methods, Reconciliation of Debtors / Creditors accounts, Scrutiny of Ledger, Accounts Receivables or Accounts Payable, Inspection of Branch Accounts, Consignment Issues, Finalization of Accounts either on a yearly lump sum basis or concurrent basis i.e., monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis.