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Expert Audit & Assurance Services by Anam Shaikh & Associates

Our Firm, Anam Shaikh & Associates are known for our audit & assurance services. We are one of the best audit firms in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai. The Audit & Assurance Services provided by us is listed below:

Statutory Audit

A Statutory Audit is basically Audit under any Act applicable to the business organization. The main motive to conduct statutory audit is to assess whether an organization provides a true fair and correct representation of its financials by examining various data such as accounting records, bank balances and commercial transactions. Some examples of Statutory Audit are Audit under Companies Act, 2013, Audit under Income Tax Act, 1961, etc.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is another most Important type of Audit. Mandatory for some private limited and limited Companies as per eligibilities defined in Companies Act, 2013. But, through Internal Audit the business organization can assess and enhance the effectiveness of processes, controls and management. Internal Audit not only enhance management decision but also provide overall value addition in all respects.

Stock Audit

Basically Stock Audit includes verification of physical inventories with that in books of accounts as on given date. The objective of Stock Audit may be different for different types of organization and the Auditor needs to follow various approaches for the same. Through Stock Audits the auditor helps the management of the business organization to analyses discrepancies, its root cause and the approaches for solutions.

Revenue Audit

Revenue audit is scrutinizing the data and information as provided in tax returns against the ones found in actual business records.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a thorough investigation or you can say examination of a transaction or any matter under consideration. It involves an extensive analysis of records and other documents or facts before entering into a proposed deal with another person or business or organization.

Our Firms Role:

Our Firms Role:

Our CA firm Anam Shaikh & Associates provides top audit and assurance services in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai to engage our clients on an ongoing basis to make sure that all the statutory and regulatory requirements are adhered to. We also make sure to include all the required disclosures and value-added Services as per the client’s business model. As a Chartered Accounting Firm, we definitely maintain integrity and professional ethics while maintaining the required business standards while providing Audit services with advance planning and quality staff. We also provide a quality assurance services so that you can spot hidden, potential and prospective trouble areas in your business or organization.