The Department of Income Tax has launched a new feature of Discard Return on the Income Tax Portal. This new feature enables Taxpayers to delete the earlier filled ITRs which are unverified. Some of the features or you can say benefits of discard return functionality is as follows:

  • This option can be use for all kind of return, i.e. Original return, belated return & revised return.
  • Option can be used only for Unverified ITR. ITR once e-verified, cannot be discarded.
  • Option once exercised, it cannot be reversed.
  • ITR Discarded = ITR not filed.
  • After utilizing the option, taxpayer can file fresh return if he wants and time permits. If fresh is ITR filed after due date, then late fees will be applicable.
  • This option can be used multiple times. For EX. In case where original return filed and e-verified. After that revised return filed but pending for e-verification. Then taxpayer can discard that revised return. Again taxpayer can file fresh revised return. If taxpayer wants, he can discard this revised return also subject to pending verification.
  • In a situation where signed ITR-V has already been sent to CPC, taxpayer should not discard such return.
  • This option can be exercised till 31st December of the AY.
  • It is not mandatory to file the return after the return is discarded.
  • Updated Return u/s 139 (8A) cannot be discarded.
  • This functionality is available at —- Login — e-File — Income Tax Return — e-verify ITR —“Discard”    

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