UAE Value Added Tax i.e. VAT Return, which is also known as ‘Tax return’ is a periodical statement which is required to br filled by a registered person authority. A detailed Summary of accounting data needs to be furnished in the VAT periodic return for the purpose of arriving at tax are specified in the UAE VAT Laws. There is a format which is specified by the VAT Regulations authorities, All the details need to be furnished or prepared in accordance with the data requirement specified but the regulatory authorities.

UAE VAT Return Filing Periodicity:

Mostly, VAT return filing period is on a quarterly basis. But, the UAE VAT regulatory authorities might want some of the business types to file return monthly, in order to avoid the risk of tax evasion and have close monitor on certain businesses or Industries.

However, in some cases and in order to ensure the reduction of burden of compliance on certain types of businesses and administrative burden on the VAT regulatory authority, the UAE VAT law has provisioned to allow them with a longer VAT return filing tax period.

VAT Return Due Date:

Due date for filling UAE VAT returns is 28th of the subsequent month following the end of the tax period. For quarterly VAT returns, due date will be 28th of the subsequent month following the end of the quarter. For the monthly tax period return, the due date for filling VAT return is the 28th of the subsequent month of the applicable tax period.

VAT Return Filling Form:

VAT registered businesses in UAE needs to file VAT return online. All the submissions need to be done online based on applicable tax period. UAE VAT Return form is to be reported at summary level. This means, the registered businesses are required to submit the consolidated details of supplies such as total sales, total purchases, output VAT, input VAT and tax payable. UAE VAT Return is to be submitted through FTA Portal.

A UAE Taxpayers needs to update the summary of Sales, Output VAT Collected, Purchases and Expense and Input VAT on such expenses and pay the differential VAT tax liability if any through FTA portal.

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