A very important recent judgment has been passed by Supreme Court in case of Assistant Commissioner Vs. Satyam Shivam Papers Pvt. Ltd. SLP (C) 21132 of 2021 wherein the transportation of goods was delayed due to agitations & road blockade by Satyam Shivam Papers Pvt Ltd. The concerned GST officer has imposed a penalty of Rs. 69,000/- for delay in transportation of Goods. The GST Taxpayer then moved to High Court for unjust imposition of Penalty.  The High Court knocked off the penalty from the GST Taxpayer & instead imposed a fine of Rs. 10,000/- from the concerned GST officer. Unaggrieved by the order passed by the High Court, The GST department & the concerned GST officer moved to Supreme Court, wherein the Apex Court after hearing enhanced the fine on the GST officer from Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 69,000/- for harassment of the GST Taxpayer & wastage of the time of the Apex Court. This is a very important landmark judgement in favor of GST Taxpayer, which can be utilized in case of genuine delay cases for transportation of goods.

An important judgment of Assistant Commissioner Vs. Satyam Shivam Papers Pvt. Ltd. SLP (C) 21132 of 2021.Such Judgements are rare but brings smile on face of Taxpayers…!!

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